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     I am often sought out for my expertise in treating trauma. Whether you have experienced a recent, single, traumatic event or have grown up within a traumatic childhood I use an evidence based approach to help individuals resolve impasses so that they can live fully in the present.
     I teach clients ways to manage emotions and challenge them to be their best self.
     Many clients find it beneficial to learn relaxation strategies in session which they can record and practice at home.
     I also help people to manage the emotional burden of acute or chronic medical conditions, or to change unhealthy habits/addictions.
     Some clients come with issues of anxiety or depression and relationship issues.
Whatever the presenting problem I work to devise a treatment plan to help them achieve their goals.

Supervisor, Consultant, Trainer
     I am available as a Field Supervisor for The Psychological Clinic at Rutgers U.
     An EMDRIA Approved Consultant
     An Approved Consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)
     An Executive Trainer for the Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (RTEP) and Group Protocol (GTEP)

 for the Trauma Recovery Humanitarian Assistance Program
     Past President of the Clinical Hypnosis Society of NJ, a component section of ASCH
     In these roles I help other mental health students and professionals develop the skills they need to provide quality interventions to their clients.
     I have a particular interest in the most recent research on the brain, in particular how memories are formed, accessed and altered.

     I am available to present the latest information which is research based on a variety of topics of general interest. These include parenting issues, developing resilience, and improving relationships. 

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