For Clients:

      Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an eight stage psychotherapy approach that emphasizes the physiological information processing system in the origin and treatment of mental health issues. (Shapiro, 2014) The way the brain captures adverse life events is different than neutral or pleasant events. Present day triggers can be internal or external, and can cause ongoing problems in day to day living. EMDR follows the thread of the memory network to update it and allow the old events to be recalled with a new sense of mastery in the present.

     Clients can choose symptom relief or comprehensive treatment. Comprehensive treatment involves attending to the initial situations, current expression, and future concerns related to the presenting problem. It is an eight stage process across those three prongs - past, present and future.


     For Clinicians:

     I specialize in teaching the Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol and the Group Traumatic Episode Protocol of Elan Shapiro. Both of these are powerful additions to the basic EMDR protocol. Trainings can be arranged through Trauma Recovery HAP at emdrhap.org or individually with me.


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